Division IV: Kids CG Competition

This division is for kids who are the resources of creative talents in the future. We aim to expand their creativity and imagination by giving them a high goal through this comprehensive competition of CG works. We hope this event to be a foundation for cutting-edge education and talent nurturing for the industry.

We established the「HATSUNE MIKU」division with the cooperation of Crypton Future Media, Inc. this year as usual. Though she was born as the package illustration of a virtual singer software at first, HATSUNE MIKU has grown up into a real ‘virtual’ singer who has so far gathered a great number of fans. Since she has been fascinating all over the world and continuing to evolve to a better one, we would like to invite you to draw her active appearance freely as you wish.

2018 Division IV Best Works 「電子の命」 涼那(14 years old Japan)

From 2019 June 1st (Sat) to September 22th(Sun)

1.Still Pictures division
2.Motion Pictures(Animation) division
3.HATSUNE MIKU Still Pictures&Motion Picture(Animation) division
 HATSUNE MIKU division Starting with『HATSUNE MIKU』,『MEIKO』,『KAITO』,『KAGAMINE RIN』,『KAGAMINE REN』etc,still images and movie works on subject of the character of Crypton Future Media Corporation.

 ※Copyright relating to the application work is attributed to the applicant, but in the work of HATSUNE MIKU division, it must be one that conforms to theguidelinesof the characters use of Krypton Future Media Corporation.
Each applicant can submit 5 works at most.
The duration of one animation work to be within 5 minutes. (Please refer to the details of Animation category)
The contestant can apply for both sections with individual or group.

The work should be an original CG work which was made in 2017 or later.( images and movies that have been produced on PC, tablet, or smart phone.)
Any students under junior high school students at the time application, who are Asian or non-Asian but currently living in Asia.

They are Not Applicable:
・Take a leading part of real video image

About Selection:
Subscribed works would be screened by ASIAGRAPH CG Art Gallery selection committees.
Results will be announced on ASIAGRAPH Web site.
Winner’s works will be screening at ASIAGRAPH Art Gallery.
Moreover, people who is selected to make the most excellent art will get special prizes.
HTSUNE MIKU division: a winner will get a "Crypton Future Award" and Crypton Future Media Corporation will also give you special gift.

2017 Division IV Crypton Future Award Works
「さいせい」QQ (15years old Japan)

Entry Fee:

Students can download the software "CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT" (download ver. ) which is used at art colleges and universities that presented by CELSYS (co.Ltd) on this site.

Access to this site and fill in your information.

Application page for Kids CG Competition CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT

Application Fee
Free of charge

Application Method:
Send works to ASIAGRAPH’s e-mail address using file transfer service etc.
Do not attach works to mail.
※Recommended file transfer service  http://www.gigafile.nu/v3/
Please change the retention period of the file into 30 days before you send it to us.

When you send works , please write some information.

[Title] ASIAGRAPH 2019 Kids CG Competition Entry
[The Contestant Information]
・Your Name
・Pen name( If you want your pen name announced when your works is selected )
・Your Age
・School's Name
・Phone Number
・E-mail Address(The e-mail address where you can be reached)
[Works Information]
(Still Pictures division or Motion Pictures division or HATSUNE MIKU division)

Regarding the date of Animation
It can playback to Windows Media Player/Flash Player/QuickTime Player.

The applicant is assumed to agree to all the terms and conditions at the point of submission.
Thus, the applicant shall read the guideline for application and the general rules carefully before submitting his or her works.

Copyright(c) 2019 ASIAGRAPH.  All Rights Reserved.