Division I: "CG Art Gallery" ---public subscription for CG Arts

Application Period:
From 2024 June 1st (Sat) to 2024 September 10th (Tue)

・The work to be an original CG work created in 2022 or later.
・The applicant to be a person who was born, currently lives or has nationality in Asia or an organization which has its nationality in Asia. Both amateur and professional creators are accepted.
・individual participants as well as group participants are allowed to subscribe works to four divisions
・Those works that have been selected as winners at other competitions, published or used for commercial advertisement, TV broadcasting, web distribution, etc. can be submitted with permission from the right holder.
・One applicant can submit three or less works.
・Works created using image generation AI are not eligible for entry.

Can be about anything.
Still picture to be expressed in CG.

The subscribed works would be screened by the ASIAGRAPH CG Art Gallery selection committees.
Announcement of Selection Results:
Winners will be announced on this website.

Privileges for the Winners:
・Winning works will be exhibited at ASIAGRAPH CG Art Gallery.
※Regarding exhibition of prize-winning works
The Secretariat of ASIAGRAPH will be in charge of all display work, and the artists will not bear any cost for it.

Entry Fees:
Free of charge

How to Submit:
Send works to ASIAGRAPH’s e-mail address using file transfer service etc.
Do not attach works to mail.

※Recommended file transfer service  http://www.gigafile.nu/v3/
Please change the retention period of the file into 30 days before you send it to us.
When submitting your works, please make sure the works meets the following requirements.
・File size: No maximum limit. Original size or suitable print sizes are preferred.
・File format: JPEG(RGB)、PNG、GIF

When you send works , please write some information.

[Title] ASIAGRAPH 2024 Division I Entry

[The Contestant Information]
・Your Name
・Pen name( If you want your pen name announced when your works is selected )
・Your Age
・Phone Number
・E-mail Address(The e-mail address where you can be reached)

[Works Information]
・File download URLs (Password is also required in the case of limited access)

The applicant is assumed to agree to all the terms and conditions at the point of submission.
Thus, the applicant shall read the guideline for application and the general rules carefully before submitting his or her works.