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ASIAGRAPH 2019 CG Art Gallery-Guideline for Application

ASIAGRAPH organizes “CG Art Gallery” as a platform for arts exhibition, so as to encourage the cross-border exchange between excellent CG artists, to nurture and to promote new creations and a new industry in Asia.

Division I: “CG Art Gallery” ---public subscription for CG Arts →click

Division II: “CG Animation Theater”---public subscription for Animation →click

Division III: Student under Age 25--- public subscription for Animation →click

Division IV: Kids CG Competition →click

PC Koshien International High School Division →click

Different from other competitions, we at ASIAGRAPH's CG Art Gallery highly evaluate CG expression which is unique to Asia. That does not mean we put importance on Asia-unique themes but we appreciate such styles of expression as are unique and have visual attraction even if they might not be evaluated highly from the conventional standpoint of the existing art or movie/image industry.

General Rules

The following rules apply to all the five divisions:
The applicant is regarded as having agreed to all the rules and requirements in this guideline for application.
The applicant can be an individual or organization. The applicant can apply for two or more divisions as long as he/she satisfies all the rules and requirements.

・The applicant has the right to his/her works. However, the applicant agrees that the organizers of the competition can, domestically and internationally, screen, broadcast, replicate, print, exhibit or post on websites the works free of charge in order to publish the results of the competition and advertise the competition or ASIAGRAPH. Also, no notice about the organizers’ screening, broadcasting, replicating, printing, exhibiting or posting will be sent to the applicant. The applicant agrees that accepted works may be published in catalogs or DVDs for the purpose of advertising the competition or ASIAGRAPH free of charge. However, a copy of the publication will be given to the applicant.

・The works should be created by the applicant and they should not be offensive to public order and morals.

・When using other parties’ art, movies, photographs and music as materials in the work, the applicant is responsible for obtaining the permission for the use from the party. In case of third-parties’ complaints about violation of rights or suits for damages, the applicant should solve the case on his/her own and the organizers of the competition do not take any responsibility.

・ASIAGRAPH would not set any particular limitation on the theme (thought, religion, social issue) and expression (violence, sex and other general things which produces a feeling of repulsion in audience) for subscribed works, but on the premise that the works would be screening or exhibiting in public area, even the selected work , its publication may be restricted according to the judgments of organizer.

・Submissions will “not” be returned to the applicant

・There are no entry fees but all the expenses which are incurred in application and submission should be paid by the applicant.

・The organizers will pay their uttermost care but they do not take any responsibility for any loss or damage of the work at the time of receiving or evaluation.

・Those works of which media or data have malfunction will not be evaluated.

・The organizers will not take any responsibility as to computer network trouble.

・No information will be given by the organizers to the applicant as to arrival of the submission, the content of it, progress or results of the selection/evaluation.

・The applicant must resubmit the works in media of higher resolution when requested so by the organizers.

・Personal information collected from the applicant by the organizers will be used only for the evaluation of the works and will not be provided to third parties. However, the accepted works themselves and the profiles of the creators of them will be published for the purpose of advertisement of the competition or ASIAGRAPH.


ASIAGRAPH CG Art Gallery Secretariat asiagraph@ba.u-bunkyo.ac.jp

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